[Warning] Athletic Men - Do Not Buy A Dress Shirt Without Reading...

Do You Feel Like Nobody Makes Dress Shirts To Suit Your Needs?


The ugly truth is most ordinary brands have ZERO care and no innovation going into their dress shirts in both the fit type and the fabrics.


They come in two basic fit types.


Regular Fit Dress Shirt

    So generic it really doesn’t flatter anyone except a podgy middle aged man.


      Slim Fit Dress Shirt

        Tailored for skinny guys who have a straight up and down shape.


          You have probably had trouble finding Dress Shirts for a while with problems like...


          ❌ Regular fits too baggy in the waist, flappy pirate shirt arms and no tapering.


          ❌ Slim fit too tight in your arms and shoulders and still not tapered enough in the waist


          ❌ You feel like you are always in between sizes and often compromise and go up a size and settle for a poor fit.


          ❌ You have had to pay for tailoring and still not love the fit.


          ❌ Ripped Shirts due to tight areas and no stretch


          ❌ Tediously ironing and still seeing wrinkles, or even worse, wasting time and money with dry cleaning.


          ❌ You are tired of your local ordinary retail shops and spending hours trying on different shirts and still not finding the right fit.


          ❌ You don’t trust other online stores to provide the right fit with painfully vague sizing charts, wonder what "true to size" actually represents or have had the delivered shirt so different from the size guide you want to laugh (Or cry at the wasted money!)


          ❌ You have been stung by another online store, with poor quality, slow delivery (Or not even delivered) and deafening silence with no replies from customer support when you need help exchanging or have an issue.


          What We Do Different at Kojo Fit

          Best Fitting Dress Shirts For Athletic Men


          ✅ We only do an “Athletic Fit” in our Dress Shirts. We understand the fit problems you have and only craft Dress Shirts For Athletes.


          ✅ Our smaller sizes suit leaner athletes, up to larger sizes for muscular guys and bodybuilders.


          ✅ Our shirts reward your athleticism, with a tapered fit that enhances your athletic physique.


          ✅ Our shirts are "easy care"save time by being able to machine wash and have low wrinkle properties.


          What Is Special about our Performance Fabric Dress Shirts?



          • The Bamboo is environmentally friendly, but most importantly is unrivaled in performance with a deluxe soft feel, breathability and moisture wicking. Microfibre gives it the resilience to hold its shape and remain low wrinkle. And Elastane to allow some stretch so that you have comfort and freedom to move, even with a fitted look.


          • The ordinary brands are using same old cotton blends from the early 1900’s, at best sometimes made with a little higher thread count (and ridiculously expensive) which they describe as “soft”


          • Or with 100% polyester = 100% Plastic!


          If you are like us, you may have avoided wearing dress shirts, picking the least wrinkly option out of the wardrobe and never quite feeling comfortable.


          Our Customer Support Philosophy




          Does our clothing fit everyone? No of course not, but if you follow our detailed size guides and have an athletic, muscular or bodybuilder physique then we have tailored our shirts for you. 


          Contact us 24/7 via email or instagram/facebook for prompt replies.


          Read verified reviews of what other guys think about our shirts.


          Explore now to unlock the Perfect Fit and Insane Comfort!


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