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Athletic Tailored Fit Shirt vs Slim Fit Shirts - What is the Difference?

Athletic Tailored Fit Shirt vs Slim Fit Shirts - What is the Difference? | Kojo Fit

Athletic [Tailored Fit] Shirt or Slim Fit Shirt? Which is the best fit type for me?

What are the commonly used terms to describe the Fit Type in all Button Up Collared Shirts including Dress Shirts, Business Shirts, Formal Shirts, Button Down Shirts and Short Sleeve Shirts.

Here we explain the difference in detail between the Kojo Athletic Tailored Fit vs Standard Slim Fit Shirts and the body types they suit.

Slim Fit Dress Shirts

Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Forget flappy "sailor" baggy arms and a straight waist. These Slim Fit Shirts are common in retail outlets.

Cut straight or with a very slight taper in the waist area, they are ideal if you have a skinny-slim physique as they show off your trim body and fitted skinny arms create a more slim appearance than a baggy regular fit. 

 What Body Types Do Slim Fit Shirts Suit Best?

✓ Skinny - You have a very lean physique with smaller arms, chest and waist

✓ Slim - You are slim in the waist but not a fitness fanatic. You are happy to have the waist relaxed.

✓ Athletic (Some) - If you are an endurance athlete or non-weight training physique. You have a fairly straight body type without wide shoulders or extra muscle mass in chest or arms.

Warning - If you like a close fit, ensure you choose a fabric blend with stretch (Elastane/Spandex) or it may feel tight or even rip, commonly on the elbows.

Athletic Tailored Fit Shirts

Athletic Tailored Fit Shirts

These are cut for guys who take their physique a bit more seriously. You train hard and with a (mostly) disciplined diet have sculpted an athletic V Taper shape.

We describe our shirts as "Athletic Tailored Fit" which allows the look of a tailored-fit dress shirt on athletic guys. No need to get custom tailoring done, these are an off the rack fit.

A tapered slim waist is created by unique tailoring, with "darts cut in to allow the tapering without wrinkles and fabric folds.

We use specialised "stretch" fabrics to ensure a tailored fit shirt look remains comfortable and durable for the long term.

We have tailored the shirts so that smaller sizes suit the tapered athletic physique, as the shirt as a little extra width in shoulders and chest, a very slim tapered fit waist and slightly larger arms.

The larger sizes are designed to allow a more "Muscle Fit Shirt" for guys who lift and bodybuilders without being spray on tight or have the dreaded chest button spread.

As sizes go up, these get "thicker" rather than longer.

Our aim with the fit is to have a classy tapered fit, with no excessively tight spots and all-day comfort for social, formal, business or work.

What Body Types Do Athletic Tailored Shirts Suit Best?

✓ Athletic - You are reasonably fit and are a Social or Professional Sportsman, keep a trim waist and have a more athletic upper body than a slim body type. You like your shirts more tapered to show your trim waist.

Tailored Fit vs Slim Fit

✓ V-Tapered - You have broader shoulders and a larger chest than normal for your overall size. You may be into Cross Fit, Swimming or other sports or just naturally a mesomorph frame.

V Tapered Fit Dress Shirt

✓ Muscular/Bodybuilder - You lift weights, either as part of training for sports or to build up your body. You don't have to be a massive pro bodybuilder, if you have a tapered shape with a slim waist then pick your size to suit. 

Bodybuilder Dress Shirt Tailored Fit

Shop Now and check out the size chart on each product. You can compare your own measurements or get a height and weight estimate for the best fitting tailored fit shirt today!