Mens Skinny Fit Jeans vs Slim Fit Jeans: Which is the best for me?

What are the best fitting Jeans for my body type?

Muscle Fit Stretch Skinny Mens Jeans

You are lucky as a modern man to have a lot of choices available online to get a specific fit type in Jeans & Chino Pants to suit your body type and fit preference.

It can be very confusing!

We will try to explain the difference between Skinny Fit Jeans vs Slim Fit JEANS when choosing the best fitting Jeans for your build and your desired look.

What is a Skinny Fit in Jeans?

What is a Slim Fit in Jeans?

What is a Muscle Fit in Jeans?

What is an Athletic Fit in Jeans?

Which Jeans will actually suit your body type to have you looking your best?

Take advantage of these choices so that you get the fit type which is most flattering to your body type.

From the skinny guy, slim/athletic build to muscular physiques and bodybuilders there are tailored "off-the-rack" options which can be beneficial compared to the generic choices in your local retailers.

Here we go into detail on the available fit types and what they actually mean to help you make the best choice to get the fit that suits your needs.

Get the perfect fit and you will exude a style and class that will impress.

What are Skinny Fit Jeans?

A skinny fit in Jeans should have a fitted looking ankle and hug the legs throughout up to a slim waist and a fitted look in the seat area.

The problem with most Skinny Fit Jeans...

  • Most skinny fit jeans have a low spandex component (Less than 2%), which causes difficulty getting on and off, as well as a restricted feel that isn't comfortable to wear for lengthy periods of time. 
  • To remain fitted on skinny guys, the tailoring is often too small in the thigh area for guys of regular build or larger or with more muscular thighs.

What are Slim Fit Jeans?


A slim fit in Jeans should have a slim but slightly relaxed looking thigh and taper down to a slim, but not fitted-looking ankle. 

The problem with most Slim Fit Jeans...

  • Most slim fit jeans use regular denim with little to no spandex.
  • To maintain a slim look on skinny guys they are tailored with small thighs, that leave athletic men with a really tight thigh, but baggy lower leg.

Which Fit Type are Kojo Fit Ultra-Stretch Jeans?

Our Jeans have a skinny fit look, remain fitted across the leg, yet have enough room in the thighs for muscular thighs and athletic builds. Stretchy Jeans with the best fit on guys with muscular legs and a small waist.

Crafted with performance ultra-stretch denim to ensure a fitted-look remains has activewear-like comfort properties.

Our Jeans are our own unique "Kojo Fit"