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Muscle Fit vs Slim Fit vs Athletic Fit Shirts | What Is The Best Fitting Mens Shirt?

Muscle Fit vs Slim Fit vs Athletic Fit Shirts | What Is The Best Fitting Mens Shirt?

Men Ask: What is the best fitting dress shirt for my body type?

Best Dress Shirt to Fit Athletes and Muscular Guys | Kojo Fit

You are lucky as a modern man to have a lot of choices available online to get a specific fit type in button-up dress shirts to suit your body type and fit preference.

What is the best dress shirt for a Muscular Guy?

What is the best button up shirt for bodybuilders?

Which dress shirt is tailored for Athletic Men?

What is the best modern Slim Fit Dress Shirt?

But it can be very confusing!

We will try to explain the difference in Muscle Fit vs Slim Fit vs Athletic Fit and help you find the best fitting dress shirt for your build.

What is an Athletic Fit Dress Shirt?

What is a Muscle Fit Dress Shirt?

What is a Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Which Shirt will actually suit your body type to have you looking your best?

Take advantage of these choices so that you get the fit type which is most flattering to your body type.

From the skinny guy, slim/athletic build to muscular physiques and bodybuilders there are tailored "off-the-rack" options which can be beneficial compared to the generic choices in your local retailers.

Here we go into detail on the available fit types and what they actually mean to help you make the best choice to get the fit that suits your needs.

Get the perfect fit and you will exude a style and class that will impress.

What is a Muscle Fit Dress Shirt?

The Dress Shirt for guys with muscles. Tailored with extra room for the pecs, biceps, shoulders and neck. Tapered to a slim waist. These the dress shirts best suited for muscular guys and bodybuilders. Don't be confused with muscle fit t-shirts which are tailored to hug the body tightly, a muscle fit button-up should not be overly tight.

.Muscle Fit Dress Shirts

Watch for fit issues in some designs where the dreaded "chest gape" occurs with chest buttons that are spreading open unflatteringly and excessively tight biceps/forearms which might look impressive in photos, but mean you are unable to bend your arms or move with any kind of comfort, especially if you plan to wear it all day for work or business.

Chest Button Spread Shirt Too Tight

Beware, if all of the shirt photos have the top buttons undone or are shot with the left shoulder forward to hide the button spread.

What is a Slim Fit Dress Shirt?

The Dress Shirt for Slim/Skinny Guys. Forget flappy "sailor" arms and a baggy waist. These are common in your local retail outlet and have a slim waist and arms as the name suggests. Cut straight or with a slight taper, they are perfect if you have a skinny-slim physique as they show off your trim waist and the more fitted arms create a more athletic appearance than a baggy regular fit. 

Guys with a muscular build, who lift or have a wider v-taper physique will often find the shoulders and bicep area too small, so rather than choosing a size larger and have other fit issues, should look at an Athletic Fit or Muscle Fit.

Also "Super Slim Fits" have become internet-famous due to trolls mocking the excessively tight look. Again they might look impressive on a model but consider the comfort and realistic impression it creates.

Super Slim Fit too tight shirt


What is an Athletic Fit Dress Shirt?

The Dress Shirt For Athletes. The size in-between slim fit and muscle fit for athletic men who work out, but are not pro-bodybuilder physique.

A tapered slim waist dress shirt with athletic fit is created by tailoring with "darts" and the shoulder and chest are increased compared to a slim fit.

Most brands leave a little room in the arms to allow for comfortable movement and to allow a level of class for business and work.


What is a Kojo Fit - Athletic Tailored Fit Dress Shirt?

We describe our shirts as "Athletic Tailored Fit" which gives the look of a tailor-fit dress shirt on athletic guys. The larger sizes XL, XXL (XL2) and XXXL (3XL) are designed to allow a more "Muscle Fit" for bodybuilders without being spray on tight or have the dreaded chest button spread. As sizes go up, these get "thicker" rather than longer so check our size chart out to see if they suit your body type.

Tailored Athletic Fit Dress Shirt | Kojo FitBest Fitting Athletic Fit Dress Shirt | Kojo Fit

Sizes Extra Small, Small-Medium-Large are suitable for Athletic Built Men with a tapered physique and slim waist. Typically guys who work out at the gym, cross fit, swim or play sports such as football or rugby/rugby league. These still have extra width in the shoulders and chest, a tapered slim waist and a little extra room in the biceps compared to a standard slim fit.

Our aim with our men's athletic fit dress shirt is to have a classy tapered fit, with no excessive tight spots and all-day comfort for social, formal, business or work.

With 100% Fit, Comfort & Quality Guarantee, never get stuck with a bad fit again.

100% Fit Comfort Quality Guarantee

How to Get the Best Fitting Dress Shirt? 

Our tips if you are looking at Kojo Fit or other brands online...

There is no magic one style of shirt that fits all. 

Invest the time in taking measurements and comparing against the size charts, with all body measurements having preferably 1-2cm relief in the chest, waist and arm. Size guides with height and weight are a good start, but variances in body composition mean that a quick check on actual measurements can make all the difference.

Check return policies to make sure you can exchange if you are not happy with the fit.

Check the reviews (website and google) as people often leave comments on size and experience on the fit and customer service.

Best Muscle Fit Dress Shirt | Kojo FitBest Athletic Fit Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt