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#1 Best Mens Skinny Fit Pants, Chinos & Trousers | Kojo Fit

#1 Best Mens Skinny Fit Pants, Chinos & Trousers | Kojo Fit | Kojo Fit


Mens Stretch Skinny Fit Chino Pants Tapered Ankle


Men, you like the look of a skinny fit, but are tired of pants that are designed so small they only fit the legs of the skinniest guys.

The struggle, just to get them on and then you are unable to move comfortably or even bend the knees.

Some other stretchy fabrics on offer look like a pair of womens leggings and are mockingly known as "Jeggings"

They are not made with enough room in the quads or end up with loose flappy ankles which fit the lower leg in a more standard slim fit.


Grey Checkered Skinny Fit Trousers AustraliaBeige Brown Skinny Fit Mens Chino PantsBlack Check Pattern Skinny Fit Chinos Australia

Men's Chino's For Muscular Legs

We created a hybrid design, with a fabric aesthetic of formal pants, but with inbuilt 4-way ultra stretch and tailoring to suit a range of athletic men such as bodybuilders and guys with muscular legs.

Mens Skinny Fit Army Green Chino Jeans Pants | Kojo

Bodybuilder Chino Pants

There is enough room in the quads and seat area for larger muscular guys and bodybuilders whilst maintaining a figure-hugging spray fit for leaner athletes. These really allow the athletic physique to shine with shaped calf muscles and quads much more noticeable and the desired tapered skinny ankle fit.

The athletic man places higher demands on the fabric. The robust materials with 4-way stretch and high elastane allows supreme all-day comfort. You will forget you are wearing fitted looking pants!

We have carefully selected stylish patterns for the modern day man.

Our pants are easy-care machine washable and are 100% wrinkle-free. No need to pay for dry cleaning or to Iron!


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