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V Taper Fit Shirts: The Ultimate Guide To Get Your Aesthetic V Tapered Look

V Taper Fit Shirts: The Ultimate Guide To Get Your Aesthetic V Tapered Look | Kojo Fit

What is a V Taper?

White V Taper Fit Dress Shirt

This is the most sought after physique attribute men seek when working out at the gym. Broad shoulders tapered down to a slim waist. A V taper is the impressive V shape that is the most aesthetic attribute that is noticed by all.

Not all guys want to be as huge as competitive bodybuilders, but having a v tapered shape is desired by all men.

How Do I get A V Taper?

If you are looking for a quick shortcut to get this then you will be sadly disappointed. Like all bodybuilding and physique transformations, you need to get diet on point a a primary rule to get your body fat down and your waist to be slim or if a skinny hardgainer, get the appropriate caloric surplus to build your tapered physique.

Tracking your macros is essential. It is simple but not easy. It requires discipline over a long period of time.

We recommend professional coaching for accountability and experience that is tailored for you, your goals, your lifestyle and body type. 

What is more expensive? Plodding along at the gym for years, never really achieving anything? Or investing in a coach for your education and the self respect and deeper satisfaction that is earned.

What Muscle Groups Give A V Taper Aesthetic?

The primary thing that is in your control is achieving a slim waist. No amount of building your lats will make you look tapered if you have a fluffy waist. 

The obvious muscle group is the lats. Guys tend to focus on chest as the primary focus of their physique goals, but working the "pull" muscles is what gets the taper.

The other is the shoulders, but specifically the deltoids. Growing the delts may not be obvious in relaxed shirts, but in a well fitted dress shirt it creates a wider v tapered physique.

What is A V Taper Fit Shirt?

Blue V Taper Long Sleeve Shirt

Standard dress shirts in regular or slim fits do not accomodate a vee taper.

Regulars shirts end up too boxy around the waist and sleeves. 

Slim Fits do not accomodate a larger chest, shoulders and arms.

A V Taper Fit Shirt is tailored for athletic men.

What is the difference with a V Taper Fit Shirt?

  • Wider shoulders to suit larger delts
  • Slightly larger chest
  • Tapered arms that have enough room for large biceps but have a close fit
  • Tapered slim waist, achieved by inserting "darts" to allow a taper down to a narrow waist without the fabric billowing out like a tent.

What Fit Style Are Kojo Fit Shirts?

Teal V Taper Fit Stretch Dress Shirt Silver V Taper Fit Dress Shirt

We do our own unique v taper shirt fit. Smaller sizes suit slim athletic men, with larger sizes for muscular guys and bodybuilders.  

Our Shirts are tailored with a v taper, but the sizing ratio changes as you go up in size so that they accommodate a variety of athletic physiques.

We believe in a classy close fitted look, that does not appear or feel tight. 

 How Do I Get The Best Fitting V Taper Shirt? 

We strive to make getting your perfect fit the easy.

Whilst we have very detailed sizing charts with measurements and guides, we have made it simple with our AI "Find My Fit" tool.

This is no basic height & weight calculator, it is using an algorithm developed by over 15 million 3D fit body scans that create an avatar that is perfectly matched to our tailoring.

We understand most guys cannot measure themselves well and with our "Find My Fit" tool, getting your perfect fit has never been more accurate.