Kojo Fit Guarantee | Best Fitting Clothing and Comfort for Bodybuilders

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Perfect Fit

Our Clothing has a specific athletic tailored fit which has been developed and tested on thousands of athletic men of various body types including, Bodybuilders, Muscular Guys, Tapered Guys and Slim-Athletic Builds.

Do we guarantee each item fits everyone every time? Absolutely Not! But we do guarantee that if you follow our detailed size charts and guides and have an athletic build we can get you in the perfect fit. 

If it doesn't fit quite right, contact us for a size exchange. If you find the fit just doesn't suit your body type, we accept returns for refund!

We want to see you in the perfect fit, never get stuck with ill fitting clothes again.


We guarantee the quality of our clothing. We select fabrics based on performance, comfort and durability. You deserve and higher standards than the average.

In the rare case you encounter an issue, we accept returns for exchange/refund as per our returns policy


When wearing clothing with a fit closer to the body, we believe it is important to have high performance fabrics which are more comfortable than the ordinary.

All of our fabrics have comfort features such as stretch, breathability, moisture wicking, soft feel but still maintaining durability. 

If for some reason, you are not comfortable with the fit or fabric, we take full returns for exchange/refund.