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Muscle Fit Formal Trousers & Chino Pants For Bodybuilders & Men with Muscular Legs

Muscle Fit Formal Trousers & Chino Pants For Bodybuilders & Men with Muscular Legs | Kojo Fit
The Formal Trousers & Chino Pants For Athletes, Muscular Men and Bodybuilders

Stretch Formal Business Pants For Muscular Men | Kojo Fit

The muscle fit formal pants scientifically designed for guys who lift, featuring a perfect tapered fit and insane comfort!

Do you suffer from these problems with formal chino pants?

❌ You are tired of the regular dress pants that are baggy in the lower leg or slim fits too tight to fit muscular legs, thighs or calf muscles.

❌ You feel like you are always in between sizes and often compromise and go up a size to fit your thighs and settle for poor fitting loose waist and ankle.

❌ You have had to get tailoring to get a neat fit, getting a larger size to fit your thighs and then getting the waist and lower leg tailored in for a tapered fit.

❌ You find the fabrics in most formal pants stiff, hot and uncomfortable

❌ You are over the generic retail shops and spending hours trying on different pants and still not finding the right fit. You don’t trust online stores to provide the right fit and wonder what "true to size" actually means.

If these are your problems then we have created muscle fit formal trousers and chino pants for you!
Best Muscle Fit Dress Pants


✅ You want to be rewarded for your muscular legs, by wearing pants scientifically tailored to shape to your athletic body type and shows off your muscular physique.

✅ You want a modern sweat free performance fabric that feels like a second skin, breathes, stretches, feels smooth and is comfortable to wear all day long.

Best Mens Slim Fit Stretch Chino Pants

✅ You want easy care and to save time by being able to machine wash and not pay for dry cleaning.

✅ You want versatility for business, work, formal, weddings or going out or for special occasions.

✅ You want a detailed size chart and easy tools to direct you to the correct fit.


The IQ Pants & Ultra Stretch Chino Pants, a New Standard in Trousers


Bodybuilder Formal Clothing | Kojo Fit 

1. The Fit

Our pants have been carefully tailored to create a fit for athletic men and muscular guys and bodybuilders. This means that there is extra room in the thighs for muscular men but you still have the sought after slim ankle which creates the impressive tapered fit. Our sizes go up to W40 and suit slim athletic builds all the way to large muscular bodybuilders.

For guys who lift, we have slim tapered fits and tight ankle skinny fits to suit your style and body type.

2. The Performance Viscose Comfort

The Viscose Rayon Polyester Elastane Blend is smooth to touch, breathes and has 4-way stretch so you feel unrestricted, even with a close fit. Performance designed with breathability to regulate your temperature. These are built with the technology of activewear to ensure unrivalled comfort.

3. Easy Care

The material is durable, just throw it in the washing machine on cold wash and hang to dry. No need to dry clean!

4. Multi Purpose 

We have styles perfect for office wear, workwear, semi formal, smart casual, weddings, engagement parties or for going out and social wear

Size Help

✅ We utilise a detailed size chart to ensure you have the best fit information. We understand that your body shape is unique and can alter depending on the progress of your athletic program and we offer easy returns and exchanges if you need to modify your size selection.

100% Comfort, Quality & Fit Guarantee

Best Fit Guarantee

Stretch Formal Chino Pants That Fit Muscular Legs | Kojo Fit

✅ We guarantee the comfort, quality and fit of the Pants and if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we offer easy returns.

🌎 If you are looking for the best dress pants & trousers for muscular men, then check out out the our Muscle Slim Fit Pants now!